Monday, March 21, 2011


Monday: Run 9 miles, bike 12 miles

So my son is still sick, which is too bad, but not that hard to deal with. He just needs DayQuil every four hours, someone to make sure he's drinking fluids, and the occasional bowl of frozen corn. Even I can handle it.

No, the bad news is that my husband is now sick, too. Family disaster! This is the person who does:
  • 75% of the cooking;
  • 65% of the dishes;
  • 98% of the laundry;
  • 86% of the driving around of kids; and
  • 100% of the knowing what's going on and who needs to be where and when.
So having him out of commission is a big blow.

The plan for the sickies was to have them turn on a space heater and curl up in front of the TV to watch movies all day. Oh, I so wanted to do that rather than spend half the day working out. I could pretend I was sick, hang out on the couch with them, and be available to fetch tea and bowls of frozen things! And not actually be sick! The best idea ever!

But no. I resisted and went to the %$@# gym. Oh, well. At least now if I collapse on the couch with them tonight, I'll have a good excuse.

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  1. Wow, you have an awesome Husband! I'm not going to let my wife read this post!