Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nutrition experiment

Friday: Yoga, bike 20 miles
Saturday: Swim 1,650 yards, bike 60 miles, run 4 miles

Yahoo! Best Saturday Triple yet. Other than the ridiculously boring last hour on the bike trainer—and I'd just like to mention that if 3:30 is "far too long" to ride a bike indoors, then 3:45 is "7 percent worse than far too long"—everything went really well.

I'm really trying to figure out what I can eat during these long workouts (and of course the race) that is portable, agrees with me, delivers the right kind of nutrition, and won't leave me so darn hungry. I had three gels while on the bike, which don't disagree with me per se, other than that I find them completely nasty. I also ate a bunch of pretzels, which are nice because they have some bulk to them, and salt, but I also get sick of them pretty fast. Really the only thing I had that I actually like is chocolate soy milk, which I should probably stop using, since it's completely impractical for the race.

Anyway, after I got off the bike and before I got out the door for the run, there was a bit of a family situation (OK, not to embarrass my kid, but he was up all night last night at his birthday sleepover, had apparently fallen asleep on the couch, and then got up and started sleepwalking all over the house, which before I could get him into bed morphed into a wacky daytime night terror). It delayed me enough that I was absolutely ravenous and recklessly decided to microwave a piece of pizza leftover from the party before setting out.

Well, it took care of the hunger, and I had no stomach problems whatsoever. Huh. Admittedly it's still not a practical option for the race, unless I can convince my family to order a pizza and slip me slices at regular intervals along the course.


  1. I think it's worth experimenting with. I wouldn't eat a lot of it, but I would think real food would taste so much better. PB&J? Cereal? Might be worth trying.

  2. I talked to a lot of Ironman athletes and they enlightened me to Infinit.
    I used an all liquid nutrition program during Ironman Arizona and swear by their product. It's more boring than pizza but the good news is they serve pizza to all athletes post Ironman any way.
    They custom mix your formula specifically for your needs including a phone interview. Check it out.

  3. Greg, I'll look into it. Does it actually keep you from getting hungry? That's my main problem.

  4. I totally understand. I'm always hungry! :)
    They will dial in your personal mix based on different criteria and design a mix for you bike and your run. The bike mix has more protein to fill you up since digestion is easier on the bike. For the run less protein. The phone consultation is free and you can return their product. I experimented during training with the amount of scoops per bottle. I counted calories of my previous food stuffs for reference i.e. before Infinit 1 cliffbar, 2 GU's, and a sports drink for 60 miles Vs. 2 bottles 3 scoops each of Infinit. I hope this makes sense. Sorry for the long post but I also struggled with eating enough for Ironman training and learned of catabolic muscle breakdown which can happen during sleep. I started eating a bowel of cottage cheese and blueberries before going to bed to feed my body at night when muscle repair takes place. Don't go to bed hungry. Of course don't load up on ice cream either! Blessings!