Thursday, March 17, 2011

And more on rest

Thursday: Rest

I realized two things this morning:
  1. Just because I can walk down the stairs without going sideways does not mean my legs and feet are feeling good.
  2. I have 12 more bonus rest days built into my schedule, and I'd better start using them, or I'm going to find myself in peak condition for this race two weeks early.
So I'm taking another day off. I'm hoping it will wipe out all traces of plantar faciitis, resolve that little niggling pain behind my left knee, help me get my calves unknotted, and generally leave me raring to go. (I have to say all that to convince myself, because mostly it just feels like a cop-out.)

(In fact, even as I write this, I'm still debating if it's the right thing to do.)

(Maybe once I push Publish Post, I will stop fretting and get on with my life.)


  1. (Maybe after I take a shower I will be fully convinced.)

  2. Geez, I just realized that a rest day for you = 3 to 5 bonus hours a day! Wow! Enjoy!

  3. Whoops, that was me. Not trying to be secretive. Today. :)