Sunday, March 13, 2011

A good day

Sunday: Swim 2,500 yards, yoga

After yesterday's bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon sandwich, my husband and I dropped the kids off at my parents' and went out to eat not once but twice (once before the symphony and once afterward). It's just possible I consumed more calories than I burned. (Oh, plus I had a scone in a coffee shop because we had time to kill after Dinner #1. I definitely had more calories than I burned.)

I'm feeling great today, though. I got to sleep in, and when we went to pick up the kids, my mom made us chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast. I had a lovely, uneventful swim, and then when I got home, my family told me I'd missed a call informing me that I'd won a big-screen TV from a drawing. And tonight the whole family's coming over for my son's birthday. So, a good day.


  1. Fun! Where was the drawing? And please wish D a happy birthday from us!

  2. I dropped my name in a bunch of buckets at the Home Show; must have been from that. Kind of silly because I don't want or need a second TV, but I'm hoping I can sell it for big bucks. Actually, no one should get excited until we go pick it up tomorrow and make sure it's not a scam. :)