Saturday, April 23, 2011

Couples skate

Saturday: Bike 32 miles, run 7 miles

Today was the kind of early-spring day we get every year in Billings where you can see some people wearing full-length winter coats and people wearing shorts and tank tops in the same Costco parking lot. Both of these types are nuts, of course. It was pretty cool, but gorgeous and sunny, and with only a slight breeze so that you could feel the sun actually warming you for the first time in six months. In other words…the perfect day for a run outside!

To make it even better, my husband (who took up running, like, three months ago and is already much faster than me) agreed to come along. The pace was a bit slow for him but the duration a bit longer than he was used to, so it was a challenge for us both (of course I had just gotten off of two hours on the bike). I don't know if it was the sunshine, the endorphins, the company, or all three, but I felt fantastic when we got done.

Nice day.


  1. hubs and I are the same way, he is way faster, but I can run further. Somehow we even out and run together.

  2. thanks for posting on my blog! i have a triple front cassette, so hopefully if things get very hairy i could ride in my granny gear. are there other things that the bike shop might clue me in to or change with my gearing? (i hadn't thought about this...)