Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Single

Saturday: Bike 56 miles

No "Saturday Triple" today, and that was a good thing. I felt headachy, tired, and generally out of it, and had a fairly rotten ride as a result. (I told my husband my "symptoms," and he said he felt the exact same way yesterday. So maybe it's some weird little virus, or maybe it's just that I'm training for an Ironman, which I've heard can also make one tired.)

I noticed that next Saturday is a 4+ hour ride, and I really think that will be the time to get off the trainer. Hoping for cooperative weather from April 9 through June 26. C'mon, Montana!!

Also, I finished the first draft of my fantasy race report. I couldn't decide what to write about how it felt to cross the finish line, and I eventually decided there's no need to write that. The important thing is to cross it, and once I get there in real life, I'll feel whatever I feel. No need for motivation on that front.


  1. I really like the fantasy race report!

  2. I like the race report too. I believe it will be just like that. Hopefully I will be there to watch you run the race; it's only a short plane ride away.

    Visualize the end result; your training and your drive will take care of the rest.

  3. I just did my first 60 minute trainer ride and I was watching a movie, which kept me entertained enough. I don't think I could do four hours, so I definitely support heading outdoors if the weather permits.