Monday, April 4, 2011

Death March IV

Monday: Walk 20 miles

Here's me five minutes after getting home from my 20-mile walk: These walks just get easier and easier. I feel great! That gave me so much confidence for the race! I'm a stinking genius!

Here's me thirty minutes after getting home from my 20-mile walk (trying to stand back up again): Hey, what happened to my legs? My back and hips are killing me, and I can't stand up straight! My feet feel like they're exploding! Curse all this gravity! What have I done to myself? I'm such an idiot!

Staggering off to bed now. We'll see if a single rest day tomorrow will be enough to let me resume training or what.


  1. There is a professional football player (plays defense) who commented once on his recovery from games. He said that on Mondays he can't even get out of bed; he just has a container near his bed to handle his urgent needs. That's got to be brutal.
    Hope you're doing better today.

  2. Professional football players are wusses!! At least I have the decency to crawl to the bathroom. :)