Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Done for the day," what a concept

Wednesday: Swim 3,100 yards, run 6 miles

I finished my swim at around 9 this morning, and as I was getting dressed, woman in the locker room said to me, "Isn't it a great feeling to be done for the day?" I could only smile and agree. No point in explaining that I had to go home and work for 11 hours straight, then come back and run for an hour and 10 minutes, before I would actually be done — only not really, because I'm still working for a couple of hours tonight.

It was a great run, though. It was designed to be a track workout. I don't have a track, especially in the dark, but there are a couple of treadmills at the gym that helpfully display a picture of one, and show your little dot moving around it. Running when, a), you're in shape and, b), nothing hurts (looking at you, feet) is really not half bad.

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