Monday, April 11, 2011

Not my favorite kind of sandwich

Monday: Run 9½ miles, bike 16 miles

Ouch. This workout didn't have "epic" in its name (it was actually called a "Bike Sandwich"), but it felt a lot harder than Saturday's. I had to run for 80 minutes (treadmill), bike for an hour (trainer), then run for another 40 minutes (great outdoors!). My feet didn't feel so hot for the second run (darn it), and I think I really need to get serious (again) about healing them up. In fact, I'm going downstairs right this minute to get baggies of ice.

("Jeopardy" music plays.)

I also realized that if I want to get tough, I'm really going to have to start getting outside more. As of right now I'm a big baby about:
  • Temperatures below 60 degrees.
  • Temperatures above 80 degrees.
  • Wind.
  • Uneven surfaces.
  • Inclines greater than 1.5%.
  • Traffic.
  • Precipitation.
  • Bright sunlight.
  • People looking at me.
  • Carrying water with me.
  • Not having water to drink the moment I want it.
I'm pretty sure I used to be tougher than this, but it's been a long winter on the 'mill.


  1. Um, yeah. Not to be mean, but it's April. Time to train in the great outdoors. I know outdoors there is variable, but your race is in Idaho. You have to be prepared to compete outdoors. Which means you have to train outdoors. (Swimming indoors is acceptable at this point, however.)

  2. I am particularly endorsing personal wimpiness at (1) traffic (2) temperatures above 60 (3) general horror at moving to real world from indoors!!!! Anyway, good job getting it done, nobody said it would be easy!.... Hope the feet feel better soon.

  3. Yeah, it's funny, I seem to go through this every spring, and yet this fall I had to be brought back *indoors* kicking and screaming. Change. Hard.

  4. You get used to your surroundings no matter what they are. The biggest thing is learning to accept changes. A lot of times, I'll purposefully change my conditions if I start doing the same thing all the time just so I don't get used to them.

    Hang in there, you'll be tough yet again.

  5. You have temperatures in the 80s????? We are barely clearing 40 and with all the rain I figure we are really having fall.

  6. No, actually no temps in the 80s. We've only hit 60 a couple of times. I just already know I'm a baby about it.