Friday, May 20, 2011

The big question

Friday: Yoga

People have been asking me lately what I'm going to "do with myself" once I finish the Ironman, along with the related, more important question, what I'm going to blog about once I've done the Ironman.

I might be getting way ahead of myself, but I've actually given the blogging part of the question a lot of thought. (Presumably, whatever I decide to blog about will dictate what I do with myself.) Preliminary ideas:
  • "140.6 to 70.3": In which I take up half-Ironmaning as a more reasonable distance to balance with work and family life.
  • "140.6 to 50:" Once I heard about a guy who celebrated his 50th birthday by running 50 miles, and hey, isn't that the next milestone birthday for me?
  • "170 to 140.6": Follow me on my journey to becoming skinny for the first time in my life.
  • "140.6 to One with the Universe": All yoga, all the time.
Yes? No?

P.S. Rain has been pouring down all day, and tomorrow's forecast is for "heavy" thunderstorms. I could bring the 100-mile bike ride inside, but isn't the whole point to see the odometer hit triple digits? Drat. What to do?


  1. This made me laugh - good post! Hope your ride tomorrow goes smoothly - don't do it all outside if it's really pouring the whole time, you could decide 6 hrs was reasonable and do a mix of indoor and outdoor....

  2. Well, you will likely want some time off to reflect and evaluate. Maybe not 140.6 days, however. :)

    But I think if it was me I would mostly exercise during the summer via playing with your family or running with your out-of-shape sister when she comes to visit. (Although, as a bonus, not pushing a jogging stroller she might be quicker than she thinks.)

  3. Say yes to all of the ideas; then see which ones you find you're resisting. Those would be the ones to reevaluate.

    Make sure there is a lot of "play" time in your life; otherwise what's the point of living it?