Monday, May 2, 2011

Death March V

Sunday: Yoga, bike 24 miles
Monday: Walk 20(?) miles

My original plan for this death march was to walk straight up the Molt hill, one of my usual biking roads, way out in the boonies, for three hours, then turn around and come home. I figured it would be scenic, quiet, and easy to measure later. My husband was not fond of this proposed route (which he called "Serial Killer Alley"). He figured that if I somehow escaped outright murder, then I would definitely get hit by a car, fall into a ditch out of cell range, and die. So as a compromise, I walked in small, safe circles around my house.


No, the actual compromise was kind of awesome. I headed out in the same general direction as I had planned but met him at a just-barely-out-of-town park with a bunch of hiking trails, and we walked around together for a couple of hours. Then I had to go to the bathroom, so we drove home. I still had two hours left to walk at that point, and so we headed out again together, walked to my parents' house, said hi to my dad, and walked back home.

It was great to have a companion for most of the walk and also another human being who fully understands just how much my feet hurt right now. (Though I think they hurt less than last time.)

I'm definitely going to schedule one more death march. They are getting easier all the time and seem to me to be nothing short of an insurance policy to get me through this race. I'm very tempted to have someone drive me all the way out to Molt next time so I can walk/run the entire Montana Marathon course. I'm almost positive I could do it in six hours. And that I could recruit some chaperones to see me through Serial Killer Alley.


  1. The death march is definitely a good confidence-builder - this one actually sounds almost enjoyable!...

  2. You are awesome and so is MH! Love it!