Thursday, May 26, 2011

The finish line

Thursday: Run 5.5 miles, swim 3,400 yards

My 13-year-old's standard greeting to me now is, "I haven't seen you all day!" He says it pretty much every time he sees me (because he's so doggone hilarious), but a lot of times it's true.

Sometimes I wonder what my kids are getting out of watching me do this. A lesson in going after their dreams? An example of seeing things through? A sense of awe at what's possible with hard work and determination? Yeah. Probably they'll look back on this as "those nine months we had no mom."

You'd think that when I fantasize, I'd fantasize about crossing the Ironman finish line. Actually, I almost never think about that. Instead I just think about being done with all of this, having my life back, letting my husband have his life back, moving on to something else, having ALL THAT FREE TIME. I'm not saying this journey isn't worth it. I'll just be happy when it's over. Even happier if the finish line has also been crossed.

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