Sunday, May 29, 2011

This explains so much

Saturday: Bike 80 miles, water run 30 minutes
Sunday: Run 9 miles, bike 12 miles

Due to a series of mistakes and minor disasters, I never was able to get my swim done this weekend, but I'm pretty pleased with myself for surviving five—count 'em, five—hours on the trainer and completely rocking a hard 9-mile run.

The massage on Saturday was excellent. The therapist seemed really knowledgeable, so I struck up a conversation about my series of running injuries that all seem tied to tight calf muscles. She agreed that my calves were a bit tight but said she thinks the problem is actually my feet! She was surprised at how much they turn inward, and when she showed me how "normal" feet should hang, there was a big difference. She said it probably puts a huge burden on my calf muscles.

I thought it was interesting, because I know that when I was born, I had a problem with the way my feet were turned (I suspect it was a mild case of clubfoot, but my mom wasn't sure) and had to wear braces or something on them. I also remember the physical therapist remarking on how unusually well developed my calf muscles were. Hmmm!

Anyway, the massage therapist thought it would be crazy this close to the race to try to do anything differently, and I agree. But it might be something to work on straightening out afterward. I'm intrigued that my whole history of running issues might be due to a birth defect!

To save you a trip to Google.
(My feet are obviously not this bad.)


  1. wow that's interesting, I do remember your braces and how concerned I was that sweet little you had any "defect," and how relieved I felt that it was corrected so easily. It was very very mild, not even noticeable. Yours, AK

  2. I didn't have the braces, but my feet turn like in your picture. Instead of braces, I had to wear saddle shoes (I hate saddle shoes) for many more years than they were stylish. I also have tight calf muscles and have to consentrate to keep my feet straight (a trick I learned so I could wear penny loafers). So sorry 'bout that. Seems it is more than my strange cowlick you inherited.