Monday, May 16, 2011

Things that blow

Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Bike 19 miles, run 5.5 miles
Monday: Swim 1,700 yards, bike 53 miles, run 3.5 miles

I am not a fan of wind. Or perhaps I should say I'm a wimp about wind. Or perhaps I should say I have an irrational hatred of wind. Or perhaps I should say…I don't even like the kind of wind that blows in your face at 20 mph when you're riding a bike 20 mph.

I am working on this issue.

We got home from our trip Sunday with enough time for me to work out and still get home in time for the "Survivor" finale (priorities, people). So I headed out, reassuring myself that the 400 mph sustained winds were a good thing because they would help me learn to cope.

Argh. What a festival of sucking. Both the bike and the run.

Today, unfortunately, just brought another "opportunity" for learning to cope. It was not only windy, but cold! And occasionally rainy! I rode an hour before becoming convinced that the unpleasant weather was going to turn into dangerous weather, like hail, or lightning. (Or gusts that blow me into traffic to be smushed like a bug on an oncoming face.) I ended up finishing the last two and a half hours on the trainer.

Argh. It was so insanely boring that I found myself longing to be back out in the wind.

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  1. I really hate the feeling of bike being blown sideways - it seems dangerous!