Thursday, May 19, 2011

Iron swim

Swim: 5,000 yards

Yay! I've got the first of my self-prescribed massively long workout under my belt, and now I'm one-third done. AH-HAhahahahahaha! (That's an Ironman joke right there, folks, is what that is.)

I kept an eye on the wall clock as I swam, and I hit 4,200 yards (Ironman swim distance, more or less—I think more) in about an hour and 14 minutes and the full 5,000 yards in about an hour and 27 minutes. I think it's realistic to assume that my race swim—with the cold and the chop and the crowd and the wetsuit and the FREAKING OUT and the lack of a big black line to guide my way—will be somewhere between those two times.

The other useful thing I gleaned from this was just how hungry I'm likely to be when I hit the first transition. It might be a good place for a couple of sandwiches, seriously. My son was making pancakes when I got home, and I was like STAND BACK, AND DON'T GET BETWEEN ME AND THE SYRUP.


  1. Great job, Julie! I have been wondering myself about the sandwiches in transition - it seems like kind of a good idea (or at least a Snickers bar!)...

  2. I miss long swim workouts! I've done 5-6k yards 6x a week for 10 months a year over 9 years. It's so ingrained in me that gearing up for a sprint or Oly just seems so short. haha