Friday, May 13, 2011

See you Monday

Thursday: Swim 2,400, bike 34 miles
Friday: Yoga

I can tell it's finally spring, because there are tons of bugs smacking into the windshield* when I ride my bike now.

This afternoon, we're off to a swim meet for three days, and since it's also my husband's birthday weekend (ANOTHER big 4-0 in the house!), I'm going to take Saturday and probably Sunday completely off. I'm at the stage where I freak out about every training decision, and especially the decision to take extra rest, but I figure if I can't do it during a recovery week, then when can I?

I watched a video about endurance nutrition and now I'm aghast at my last post and my completely haphazard fueling methods. I guess I have a month and a half to spend a lot more money I mean learn to do this right.

*My face


  1. I read a very good book called "Feet in the Clouds," about fell runners in Britain - it is a deeply working-class sport in its history, and the champion runners all frugally use Cadbury's chocolate and other common British sweets as their training and race fuel, much more economical than energy bars and official sports nutrition but much the same thing when it comes down to it!

    Have fun at the swim meet - I am sure your decision to take the days off is EXTREMELY WISE, it will be a tiring weekend even without any exercise!

  2. Do you wear glasses when you bike to keep the bugs out of your eyes?

    Your last post made me chuckle but I wondered if you really meant it!

  3. Jenny, I would gladly fuel entirely with Cadbury's chocolate if I thought it wouldn't melt all over me. Suppose I could load up my bike with frozen Cadbury eggs on the morning of the race? :)

    Christine, yes, I wear sunglasses. The bugs leave little spatters on them when they smack me, and also hit the rest of my face. Occasionally one will hit my lips or teeth; only once in my life have I ever had one go sailing straight down my throat. :)

  4. The Cadbury mini eggs don't melt; similar to M&Ms.