Saturday, May 21, 2011

Problem solving

Saturday: Swim 1,800 yards, bike 71 miles, run 3 miles

Faced with the dilemma of:
  1. Riding 100 miles outside in the driving rain, or
  2. Riding "100 miles" indoors without even the satisfaction of seeing the odometer turn over…
I chose Door Number Three, which was doing next weekend's Saturday Triple today and hoping for outdoor century weather in a week's time.

I have to say, after seven hours of workouts and "transitions," including two separate trips to the gym, I feel pretty great. I never really had a low ebb of energy, and my leg muscles aren't even sore, despite sitting on the couch for two hours to watch a movie right afterward. Really, my only complaint is the nagging plantar fasciitis. That, and I was so hungry after my workout that I ate way too much pizza.

Mapped out a 24-mile walk for tomorrow!


  1. Yes, that sounds like a very good compromise, excellent!

  2. Two questions (since I am having to console myself with THINKING about workout out rather than actually doing it):

    when you do your epic triples, do you try and have a fairly quick transition (20-30 mins) or do you take more like 90 mins to eat something etc.? If you have tried it both ways, do you think one is more valuable than the other?

    When you do a long swim like your 5000-yard one, are you breaking it up in any particular way? 10 x 500, or sets of harder-effort 200s, etc.?

  3. Hi Jenny, I try to have a fairly quick transition, but I don't sweat it. I just take as long as it takes to get ready for the next thing. I TRY to do the runs soon after the rides, but sometimes I have to drive to the gym in between. :)

    And I did my 5,000-yard swim straight through. I was afraid if I stopped I wouldn't start again.

  4. A good reason to swim continuously! When I do a long continuous pool swim like that I do often mentally break it up but without actually stopping, so as to say do 500 with every fourth stroke back, etc.

    Commiseration on foot pain BTW! Both my brothers have plantar fasciitis, I seem to have so far dodged it but dread the day when it may finally descend... One brother tried acupuncture with some success....