Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't screw it up now

Tuesday: Rest

I just visited Trifuel to see what's on the training schedule for this week, expecting massive hours. But the hours are dropping in the last two weeks before the taper. WHAT?! (I mean, yay, but WHAT?!) I can't possibly have done enough training yet. I have done NO rides approaching 100 miles, let alone 112, and NO long rides in any kind of heat.

I know I should trust the plan, but it's complicated by the fact that I've already scheduled in an extra (third) week of tapering, plus I still have six "bonus" days I never used, so I'm 13 days ahead of where I should be. I don't think it would be wise to do a four-week taper, but if I'm going to use the extra days to get more mileage in, I guess it needs to be done now, before I start cutting back on hours.

Oh, man. I'm afraid to deviate from the plan. I'm still so busy with work. There's rain (and snow) in the forecast for the next two weeks. My brain is exploding.


  1. Not sure if you are looking for extra advice, but I would likely make this week similar to last week, and then go back to the plan. I do think 3 weeks is a good amount of taper.

  2. Both have offered good advice. Do what feels right to you and know that... "you've done everything you can; with what you have; from where you are.

  3. Use those bonus days as you feel you need to, but otherwise, I agree with the "trust the plan" thought.

    I work very hard to separate my inner coach and inner athlete. They never are both present at the same time, so while I'm the athlete, I have to trust that the coach made the right decisions.