Friday, November 26, 2010

2,014 miles!

Thursday: Swim 2,200 yards
Friday: Bike 19 miles, water run 40 minutes

Big day today: I hit my biking goal for 2010 of 2,010 miles! In retrospect, I guess the biking goal wasn't as challenging as the running and swimming goals I set for myself, but still, that's a whole lot of miles, and I'm proud of myself. I'm guessing I will actually get to 2,500 or so, with all the training that's still ahead of me this year.

The weather has been so miserably cold that I couldn't continue riding in the garage and still keep all my digits intact, so I brought my bike inside. I'm still staring at a wall the whole time, but I have a nice little setup in the basement with the fan blowing straight at me and all my stuff nearby. I've been listening to books on tape to entertain myself, which would work if I could just start picking some better books. ("Wuthering Heights"? What was I thinking?)

Today after my ride I brought my 12-year-old to the pool with me so he could play around while I did my run, but he ended up mostly just sticking by me keeping me company. It sure made the time go faster. I'm hoping I'll be back to real running by Monday or Tuesday. My calf is feeling pretty much back to normal, but I'm leaving the decision in Dan's hands, and my next PT appointment is Monday morning.

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