Friday, November 19, 2010

I had better not be injured

Wednesday: 2,300 yards, bike 9 miles
Thursday: Bike 19 miles, run 3.5 miles
Friday: Yoga, bike 13 miles

So in my last entry I made that innocuous comment about my calf cramping up while running. But was it a cramp? The calf is still really tight and sore, and sometimes achy, and now it has me a little worried. I tried massaging it a lot yesterday but didn't seem to get anywhere, so today I'm trying ice and compression. It doesn't feel sharply painful like there's a tear or a strain or anything. So what the heck is wrong with it?

Tomorrow's workout is supposed to involve a 55-minute run, but unless I wake up in the morning having experienced a healing miracle, I'm going to swap it with Sunday's scheduled rest day. This stinks. I hope I don't have to burn another bonus rest day (or seven) over this.

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