Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trying to be smart

Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Yoga

We are essentially snowed in, and I've spent most of the weekend either asleep or sitting around with my leg elevated (and/or wrapped, and/or iced). At first my calf seemed to do nothing but get worse. The smallest bit of walking or stretching or massage, and it would ache like crazy for several minutes afterward. In fact, it woke up aching this morning after I had slept for something like 11 hours. The aching itself is no big deal, really, but I've been worrying myself sick about what it means for my training.

But here's the good news! I took an Advil several hours ago, and as of this moment my leg feels pretty much normal, so I'm daring to be optimistic about tomorrow. And if it's still in bad shape when I wake up tomorrow, well, then, I'm going straight back to the physical therapist. Either way, I'm also going to replace my running shoes Monday.

This was supposed to be a high-volume week, by the way, followed by a rest week, but I guess I hit my breaking point four days earlier than assumed on the schedule. It still stinks, but I'm just trying to be smart and make the best of it.

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  1. I think no matter what a visit to the PT is a good idea. It's helpful, and it's basically free, so why not?