Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why does running feel so good?

Saturday: Run 4 miles
Sunday: Rest, rest, rest, rest, rest…rest!

My husband convinced me not to bring my bike up to Butte, and after seeing the packed car, I'm not sure it would have fit anyway. But I did bring all my running stuff, and I did exercise the supreme force of will it took to put on running clothes and seek out a hotel fitness room after a very long day of swim meet spectating.

Once I got going on the run, though, I was glad I was doing something productive, and it felt good. I was kind of excited to get in 4+ miles in 45 minutes, including a long warm-up and a long cool-down. (That means that in between, I was running fast. For me.)

It's a little surprising to me how much I enjoy running. I mean, I have always liked swimming, and it has positive associations with it from all my years on the swim team, but if I were in one of those "endless pools" or something, I don't think the mere sensation of swimming itself would do much for me. Biking is newer, and I do enjoy getting out of the city and looking around at the scenery and trying to get up the big hills…but in my garage, going nowhere, the sensation of biking is more pain than pleasure. (Much more.)

Running I just like. Even all alone, on a treadmill, staring at a wall, it feels good.

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