Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1

I know it's a boring-blog cliche to write about what you're eating, but I thought in this case you might be interested to see how I made it through the day. (And by the way, one day down…YAY!)

Breakfast was Paleo pancakes* made of bananas, almond butter, an egg, and cinnamon, cooked in a little coconut oil and topped with sliced strawberries. They were quite tasty, but they essentially blew my entire fruit allowance for the day before 8 a.m., which was kind of a bummer. I was surprised at how filling these were. The recipe included two bananas and about a quarter-cup of almond butter, so it may have been intended to be two servings. (Not that anyone in my family would have shared them with me. I believe my husband used the word "bananatrocity.") At any rate, it was the first time a Paleo meal has made me feel truly full, so I'll remember that in the future. Bananas good.

Lunch was a big salad with veggies, bacon, a hard-boiled egg, and my homemade ranch dressing. I noticed that the dressing actually got the lettuce a bit soggy. I didn't really mind, but it got me to thinking. Do you suppose grocery store dressings have some weird ingredient that prevents that? Ew.

"Meal," which we eat around 4 p.m. right after school, was steak and the stuffed mushrooms I made yesterday. So good.

And dinner was just a bowl of the chili I made this morning.

Overall, today was amazingly easy. "Practicing" for a week before diving in seems to have been a really good idea.

* The 30-day challenge expressly forbids Paleo pancakes, saying it's important not to "try to shove your old, unhealthy diet into a shiny new Whole30 mold." I'm choosing to ignore this one tiny rule, because pancakes aren't something I crave or eat on a regular basis anyway, especially for breakfast. If I was whipping up a batch of Paleo Cheerios, we might have a problem.


  1. How is it that bacon somehow seems to be ok in every diet? I don't know that I trust a diet that okays bacon, but not soybeans (which oddly enough would be the dealbreaker in my house - no miso=no way). More power to you Julie. I look forward to the updates, but I think I'll sit this one out.

  2. bananatrocity = hahahahahah!

    I love hearing about how you're doing! Would you mind sharing your favorite link or 2 or book titles that are working well for you?

  3. Thanks for sharing this with brother has been trying to get me to try this diet as he thinks it is great.