Friday, September 9, 2011

Good morning!

I had a dream—nightmare?—that I absentmindedly ate a Frosted Mini Wheat, and I had to admit it on my blog and then start the 30-day challenge all over. (The horrors! But I was glad to wake up and discover it hadn't really happened.)

I got another pleasant surprise shortly after getting out of bed. The plantar fasciitis that has had me limping around every morning for, oh, since February 20, is much, much better all of a sudden. Since that was one of the not-even-joking concerns I had about my life before this challenge, I am delighted.


  1. I love Frosted Mini Wheats but we always get the store brand- Frosted Mini Spooners.

  2. Okay, this is helpful, but not enough to satisfy my yrmama cravings. What the heck happened to your blog?

  3. My dog ate my blog, but it is nice to hear that you miss me.