Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blaming it on the Paleo

I cleverly planned to break up my busy, stressful workday with little bouts of fresh air and/or exercise.

Break number one was a refreshing late morning walk with my husband. It was truly a gorgeous day, and I contemplated the bright blue sky and interesting cloud patterns for about 10 steps before it dawned on me that I had a deadline assignment arriving RIGHT NOW, AND HOW COULD I FORGET THAT GOOD GRIEF AM I AN IDIOT? Total walk: 20 steps.

Break number two was a 6 p.m. yoga class. My afternoon was going like this: Get one page of work done. Send an email trying to solve the Great Font Disaster of '11 on the book I'm editing. Help my son with an algebra problem. Get another page of work done. Exchange another series of disaster-solving emails. Help my son with another algebra problem.

Finally I got fed up and went downstairs to have a snack I wasn't even hungry for. The time on the kitchen clock was 6:22. AAARGHHHH I NEEDED THIS BREAK IT'S A GOOD CLASS TOO HOW COULD I FORGET THE ONE THING I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL DAY? Total yoga: 0.

I don't know what's wrong with me today. Did somebody slip me a gluten? Why am I not an efficient, bright-eyed rememberer of things? It's Day 27; where's my stinking After?

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