Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cooking again

I got fed up with working last night and decided to try to make a version of Paleo crackers out of ground walnuts and sesame seeds. They tasted pretty good, but the way they turned out, I would certainly not call them "crackers." Let's just say I had a small bowl of them for breakfast. With a spoon.

I also didn't want to repeat the cauliflowtrocity that was yesterday's lunch, so I put some time and effort into it and made an orange chicken stir-fry. Then as an afterthought, I ate it with the leftover cauliflower as if it were rice and salvaged that meal, too. Hey, did you know Google has a recipe search engine? It's terrific for finding new meals to try. I just type in whatever ingredients I am hoping to use—today was chicken and coconut aminos—and add the word "Paleo."

Today marks the one-week point of the Paleo experiment. I'm not sure I feel any different, other than occasionally being pouty about not being able to have chocolate, or cheese. Of course it's early, and I felt fine to begin with. Also, I wonder if I'm sabotaging this challenge somewhat by having my butt parked at the computer 14 hours a day. But I guess it's better to be sedentary eating cattails and woolly mammoths than sedentary eating Cheetos and pudding pops. Right?

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