Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What works and what doesn't

We had a potluck for my kid's swim team last night. They told last names A-L to bring hamburger buns and brownies, and last names M-Z to bring chips and Rice Krispies treats (Coach likes his desserts). The team provided hamburgers, potato salad, and beans. So guess what I could eat?

Wrong! The hamburger patty I got was disgustingly raw in the middle. And due to some poor planning, the line for raw meat was a mile long, and I wasn't willing to stand in it again.

While all this is inconvenient, I am NOT complaining about having an iron-first set of dietary rules for 30 days. It's actually very instructive. When the choice is "come up with something you can eat" or "starve," you tend to do the hard work (planning, shopping, chopping, cooking) to avoid Option #2.

In fact, yesterday I made a great discovery. I can make a super-easy "orange whatever" stir-fry in about 10 minutes flat. You definitely don't need a recipe, but I will say that broccoli slaw makes an ideal base veggie to fry up because it's already chopped—and when it's cooked you can pretend it's rice noodles. For the sauce, there's a fancy way to do it, and then there's my way: Once the veggies and whatever are cooked, just pour on a little coconut aminos (fake soy sauce), a little orange juice, and some red pepper flakes and let it simmer awhile. It's really filling and tasty!

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