Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out in the real world

I can't believe it; I had another diet-violation nightmare. This time in the dream I accidentally ate three brownies—a far more horrifying lapse than a single Mini Wheat. (Dairy?! Wheat??! SUGAR???!!)

It must be that my subconscious wanted to up the stakes to prepare me for the bigger challenges the weekend would bring. So far today I've been offered hot apple pie, a trip to Dairy Queen, and a lunch out, not to mention I had to walk through Costco hungry and turn down every single sample. Technically I probably could have done the lunch out, but I just can't see the point of playing 20 questions with a waitress in order to overpay for a slab of meat with vegetable sides, when I could just have that at home.

Overall, I've found this diet fairly easy when I'm eating in, but clearly the "real world" is where the obstacles lie. It would be nice if I was feeling superfantastic and so could rationalize that it's completely worth the trouble and sacrifice. But for now, I'm still waiting for that to happen and instead feeling a bit mournful about the loss of pizza from my life.


  1. Question for anyone who views this blog in a reader: When I hit Publish 50 times because I've gone back to make tiny editing tweaks 50 times, do you see it in your viewer 50 times? (If so, let me know, because I'm sorry, and I'll try to reform. Can't…stop…editing!)