Monday, September 19, 2011

Eating out

Despite last week's potluck fiasco, I've been feeling confident about my ability to survive on this diet (an achievement, trust me). So much so that I've been in a bit of a rut with my food choices. And so that's why I agreed to go out to dinner with my husband last weekend. We went to my favorite pizza place. They have a lot of variety, and I figured if all else failed I could always have a salad or a steak. It turned out they had a salad with steak on it, so that seemed perfect. But it wasn't. I had to send it back once. And even afterward, it was just okay.

But of course that's the real problem. Why was I even out to eat at all if my meal was just going to be okay? There were delicious-looking pizzas and calzones all around me, and even though my husband was kind enough not to order something I particularly loved, his french fries looked mouthwatering.

Maybe the time will come when I feel so great eating this way that I can't imagine even wanting to have a piece of pizza. But for now, feeling more or less the same as I did before, my takeaway lesson was this: Avoid eating out. And if you do, just have the stupid pizza. After my 30 days are up, of course.

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  1. I would think that THAT would be the hardest part. Maybe I like to reward myself with food too much? Probably. But I LIKE it.

    I'm loving following yoour journey through this. I can't wait to see your take away after you've made it through the 30 days.