Friday, September 2, 2011

Not to be constituted as medical advice or anything

See what I mean about these success stories? It's crazy. But it's only Day 2 over here, so I've got nothing inspirational for you. Except maybe you'll like this: Today was just eggs, salads, and leftovers, and it was a breeze! A breeze, I tell you! Tomorrow I'll probably have to cook something again.

My mom was asking me about what a Paleo diet does for cholesterol; she didn't want to make hers worse by eating a bunch of eggs. All I could do was suggest she get her blood checked after the month is up and see what happens. But then I did some Internet research and found some stuff that said a Paleo diet could increase your cholesterol… And then some stuff that said the body regulates its own cholesterol production, so if you eat more it will make less… And then some stuff that said cholesterol is necessary and good, that high cholesterol is a symptom and not a problem in and of itself… And then some stuff that says high cholesterol is very, very bad and caused by eating too many animal products.

Thanks, Internet! That was so helpful!

But here's my thought: You don't necessarily have to eat more meat and eggs to do this. You can just replace your bread and sugar with fruits and vegetables. (I don't know nothin' 'bout the dairy and the soy and the beans and all that.) But there's no way that's not healthier.

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