Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eating whatever I want

I had three days in a row of eating whatever I wanted (pizza and candy on Wednesday, and everything else on the face of the earth on Thursday and Friday). It all caught up with me last night. My stomach was aching, I was exhausted, I had a headache, and my back hurt from tweaking it in yoga on Friday. Ugh.

So I'm fixing this today by eating…whatever I want. Yeah, that's right. I have a serious craving for vegetables, meat, and healthy fats.

P.S. I added a new link over to the right, which I've called "The whole thing explained." It's kind of long, but it's the best explanation I've ever read about what Paleo means, how it compares to "primal" and "Atkins," why it's not a diet diet, why it's not about actually eating what cavemen ate (looking at you, Kurt), and why my family should stop making jokes at my expense (looking at you, M.H.). Seriously, everyone should read it. Warning: Contains studies (looking at you, Steph).

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