Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weight-loss update

I heard several status reports today: Since the first of September, my mom has lost 19 pounds, my sister has lost 29, and my dad has lost 49! I don't know how strict they're all still being about eating Paleo or primal or whatever, but I'm thrilled for them and glad that my experiment was at least what got everyone started.

I've lost around 15 pounds, which might seem kind of paltry compared to all the overachievers, but I'm pretty sure I'm now the lightest I've been in about 15 years, so you will not hear me sneezing at it.

When I was working up to the Ironman, I was warned repeatedly that endurance training is not a good weight-loss tool, but it's been interesting to see that firsthand. Eating well, even with very little exercise (and quite a lot of desk-sitting), has been much more effective. If I could just lighten my workload a bit, I'd love to see what eating well with an optimal amount of exercise would do.


  1. Nutrition is such a HUGE portion of weight loss! And I would have to agree with those warnings. Endurance training is essentially getting your body to become very efficient at doing something without needing much energy. The whole idea with weight loss is to burn through the stored forms of energy.

    PS. Send me your email. I have a bunch of Q's about the Paleo thing!