Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smoke and sauce

I got some more Paleo dessert aspirations and set out to make apple muffins. But I'm too cheap to buy pre-made almond flour, and when I was grinding sliced almonds in the blender, it started making funny noises and then started smoking. I ran it outside, fearing it might burst into flames, and opened all the windows in the kitchen so the fumes wouldn't claim a second victim.

Lesson learned: React faster to funny noises.

Or buy a food processor. (And a new blender.)

So instead I got out the bag of cranberries I'd bought—I just can't help myself when they're in every store, so Thanksgivingy and full of promise—and set about trying to make them sweet enough to be edible without sugar. I cooked them in pineapple juice and also added a bit of orange juice, but it was not even close. Then I got the brainstorm to mix in a bunch of frozen blueberries, and that finally got it to the point where I could stand to eat it. Of course, by then it was more blueberry sauce than cranberry sauce.

Then, with my characteristic optimism, I served it to the kids. Their reviews ranged from "I hate it" to "I tried a bite and made the choice not to eat any more."