Monday, November 28, 2011

What the tasty pie?!

I had no work scheduled today, so I decided to go for a little swim after yoga to see if I still remembered how. I felt a bit off, actually; my shoulders were tired from sun-saluting and whatnot. But since I was there, and since they are so doggone good for me, I decided to throw in some short sprints.

I was just going to do four 25's, and before taking off on my last one, I looked at the pace clock. I was really hoping I could still do a 25 free in 20 seconds, which is about my best sprint pace from when I was training for the Ironman—swimming three days a week. I wasn't too confident, though, since it was only the second time I'd been in the water since June.

But when I touched the wall, I was shocked to see that it had taken me only 15 seconds. I had intended to go right into a cooldown, but suddenly I was extremely interested in what my 50 time might be. I rested for a minute, then sprinted again.

33 seconds! (As my son would say, "What the tasty pie?!") I'm pretty sure that with a dive, and not right after yoga, I could get under 30:00, which is a time I never thought I'd see again.

It seems I've taken about 7 seconds off my wall-start 50 free time in the past five months, with essentially zero swimming. I've had a hunch I've been getting stronger because yoga has felt so much easier—but there are no pace clocks in yoga.

I am, as my other son would say, "totally pumped."


  1. You seem to be getting so strong! I am really not seeing much of a difference in how I feel. I'm just delighted to be wearing smaller sizes!

  2. Wow, this seriously impresses me. My legs are still tired from my sprinting on Thanksgiving. :)

  3. Well holy crap! That is SOME improvement! So exciting!