Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This fasting thing

My husband wisely pointed out that, if you look at it in Paleolithic terms, chances are that hunter-gatherers did their eating during the daylight hours and spent the darkness sleeping and just generally hunkering down. That makes sense, right? And there's a certain appeal to the idea of eating only during daylight hours.

In fact, wouldn't it be great to get all your working, cooking, eating, cleaning, exercising, EVERYTHING done during the daylight hours, and then just spend the evenings in quiet retirement, reading and quilting and knitting, sipping a cup of jasmine green tea?

Overseeing beginning trombone practice? Watching the boys leap over furniture as they chase each other all over the house? Listening to the teen-a-ma-phone ring every five minutes? Serenely getting fired from all your freelance jobs because you couldn't meet deadlines?

Dream on, Ironmom. Even if your life permitted serenity, you live in Montana, and in the winter, you'll get nine hours of daylight, tops.

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  1. Yes!

    I am still fixated on the Paleo Diet detail about how hunter-gatherers might eat up to a pound of seasonal honey at a time!