Friday, November 25, 2011

The Fridgies

Thanksgiving was at my mom's house (as usual), but she sent us home with tons of food (more than usual). So on top of the preexisting leftovers, the fridge was packed with many bowls of extra goodies, and I announced to the family that no one was allowed to cook anything new today. And! Anyone who finished something off and got the bowl or plate into the dishwasher would win a prize! ("What kind of prize?" "It depends on what you finish off." "What if I finish off all the potatoes?" "Then you win the potatoes prize!")

Besides the coveted potatoes prize, today we awarded the stuffing prize, the egg yolks prize, the pico de gallo prize, the cupcakes prize, and the pie prize. Also the vegetable tray prize, but only because I re-sorted all the veggies into their appropriate bags.

I had a share of the pie prize, and since I've temporarily thrown dietary caution into the wind, I might also go for the quinoa salad prize. I need fuel for decorating the Christmas tree.

1 comment:

  1. I would have been all about winning that chocolate pie prize! That was certainly tasty!