Thursday, November 17, 2011

The first word is "Paul"

A woman stood up in church last Sunday and invited everyone to a small group that's been meeting at her house for a few weeks now. They're memorizing the book of Romans—every word of all 16 chapters—for fun.

I'm fully aware that that sounds crazy, but it sounded like my kind of crazy, so I joined up.

Most of the group has already pretty much memorized the first chapter, so I'm way behind—and yet not way behind, because that's only a tiny fraction of what we're ultimately going to do. Apparently it takes an hour to recite the whole thing.

I'm a little surprised at myself. I didn't think I'd be taking on another ridiculously difficult challenge until I turned 50 (which is obviously the perfect year to run 50 miles barefoot).

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  1. Do you think there is any trace of obsessive-compulsive in our family? :) Enjoy!