Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clean slate

The past three days were pretty much what I expected. I ate, let's see…pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, cake and ice cream, and infinite miniature Snickers, in that order. And yes, pizza on four separate occasions. At least the cheating wasn't wasted on foods I don't really enjoy.

So basically, the primal experiment I was supposed to be doing in October was completely sabotaged, some of it in a well-reasoned, mature way, and some of it with an out-of-control Snickers binge on the floor of the living room with my husband and costumed kids. But I weighed in this morning anyway and had lost a pound for the month.

I have (surprise) a New Life Plan for November, and hopefully onward. With what I've learned in the past two months, I'm confident it's realistic. I want to be 80% Paleo and 90% primal. So the plan is to have no more than six non-Paleo meals per week. And no more than three of those can be non-primal. The last three can be whatever I want. (Paleo is just meats, vegetables, healthy fats, and some fruits and nuts. My version of primal allows dairy, dark chocolate, potatoes, and quinoa as well. "Whatever I want" is probably pizza.)

I made quinoa salad yesterday and therefore have already blown two of my three primal meals for the week, but that's okay. I'll cook something hardcore Paleo next.

I'm glad it's November. This is why the year is divided up into months. Twelve opportunities to start fresh and pretend THAT didn't just happen.

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