Monday, January 23, 2012

Swim meet and a Paleo "picnic"

First of all, my 11-year-old did great at his swim meet, with massive time improvements* from the last meet just four or five weeks ago. Three coaches told me independently how hard he works at practice, but he's always done that…so I'm playing up the fact that his diet has improved a lot in those four or five weeks. Hey, kids! Look what happens when you listen to your mother and eat your veggies!

As far as our Paleo "picnic" (no access to hot foods), it was not so great. By Sunday afternoon, my stomach hurt, probably from eating so many nuts, and I was thinking that going hungry might have been the best option after all. But we got through it with no cheating and were glad to get home to the leftover chili, Vietnamese pork, and tasty, tasty cabbage. (Shredded cabbage! I am putting it in everything now!)

First thing this morning, I hit the pool. Those darn kids make it look so easy.

*59 seconds off his 400 IM, 2:35 off his 1000 free, 40 second off his 500 free, 6 seconds off his 50 fly, 22 seconds off his 100 IM…


  1. Impressive time drops!

  2. Wow, those are some serious improvements in his times! As a former swimmer (at a young age only), I also am impressed that he did not DQ during his IM.

  3. 22 sec off his 100 IM! Go nephew, go! That's fully awesome.

  4. Fantastic improvements in kid's times - pass on congrats!